Printed Cup Company

The Printed Cup Company reshored their manufacturing in 2012 having previously imported product from China. The company have since grown at pace, introducing new manufacturing machinery and both 72 and 24 hour order turnaround. The company places great value on the impact their product has, offering recycling services for used product to accompany their contribution to the green earth appeal.

Internet of Things Machine Monitoring

The DigitME2 team proposed the use of IOT machine monitoring to the Printed Cup Company in order to increase the amount of data gathered during production. Combining the use of low cost computing power with available sensor equipment, has led to the development of a process monitoring device. By fitting the device to each machine, components can be monitored allowing low level stock alerts to be provided to the operator. In combination to this, waste product is counted and temperature and humidity monitored around the machine.

On-going trials have shown that the provision of machine data has led to a reduction in machine down time along with the generation of a new waste figure that is specific to each job on each machine. The knowledge provided by temperature and humidity sensing has also allowed the company to control machine elements and reduce product waste, increase overall quality and further shorten production times, leading to new unexpected efficiencies. Trials currently continue within the Printed Cup manufacturing environment with full findings expected in Autumn 2018.

Company Experience

“This has been a huge benefit to the company and has added to and extended our inhouse ERP system. By gathering and utilising the data from production systems and allowing operators to suggest how the stem should grow will help make the jobs of the operatives easier and in turn, make the company be more cost effective.

The IOT is about allowing disparate systems to exchange data and this project is just the start of bringing more manufacturing data into the fold.”
Mark Woodward, MD

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