Fuel Proof Ltd., based in Lancashire, is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of customised, high quality fuel storage equipment for diesel and aviation fuel. They have 65 employees and exporting accounts for circa 15% of their sales. Their global client base spans every continent, including many of the world’s largest companies.

The processes are carried out by skilled and semi-skilled workers, with some of the welding being performed by robots. The company invested in an ERP system April 2017 initially being used for high level activities such as sales, accounting, payroll and stock management.  Development is underway to track ‘work in progress’ jobs through the factory to increase visibility and accountability.

Process Mapping

Whilst experiencing 20% growth year on year, the company were also facing a decline in productivity and were interested in investigating possible reasons for this. The DigitME2 team proposed carrying out an evaluation of the current manufacturing process and looking into suitable points at which to collect information. This would allow data collection systems to be deployed to record staff time on jobs, tracking of material for example, which could then be used to identify inefficiencies.

Interactive Data Visualisation Dashboard (On-Premise)

Visualisation used in an appropriate way can be very powerful and is a precursor to any analytics project. The dashboard pulls existing information from the ERP system and duplicates this data into a separate database where other data sources can be added.  For example, real-time machine information can be streamed to the database for predictive analysis or even weather forecasts can be shown indicating whether to store inside in an attempt to reduce work.

Company Experience

“Finally I can see key areas of the factory visualised in a way that allows me to focus on the departments needing attention through an easy to understand format. The ability to interact with the graphs makes my life a whole lot easier. The dashboard looks great and the appropriate use of colours helps me to intuitively identify different products without even looking at the legend.

We have been looking for a completely on-premise visualisation system for a long time and everything seems to require an internet connection, which for companies worried about data protection, is an absolute must. UCLan have designed and developed a completely ‘0n-premise’ data visualisation dashboard which we can keep behind our existing firewalls and be confident of data security. Finally, we expect rework on tanks stored outside to reduce due to improved scheduling made possible by the insights gleaned from the data visualisation dashboard.”    Andrew Martin, MD

  • Improved Asset Management
  • Full Process Visualisation
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