About DigitME2 : Process

Once eligibility has been confirmed and a registration form has been completed, the process follows the format below.

Phase 1 – Registration

A technical visit is carried out by our client technology manager. This helps to form the basis of a technical assessment document which details of company’s current position for digital manufacturing, and helps to identify where the technologies and processes being researched and developed by DigitME2 can assist in improving the productivity and advancement of the SME.

Phase 2 – Feasibility Study

Phase 2 is the delivery of a funded feasibility study. The project uses a team of full time engineers to take a concept identified by the company and the DigitME2 team from the technical assessment and using the ADMT lab, test the feasibility for use by the company.

Phase 3 – Completion

On completion the DigitME2 team will hand over work developed in the feasibility study. This work can then be trialled by the company for further integration into the manufacturing environment.

Phase 4 – Continuation

The university seeks to develop long term relationships with local SMEs. On completion of the funded assistance the university will offer a number of methods for continuation, for what will hopefully be, a successful partnership.

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