3D Print Cup is a howling success

3d printed toy winners group


Its not just business and manufacturing that the DigitME team lend their support too. The team have also lent their expertise to the Cartridge Save 3D PrintCup competition. The team provided help and advice during drop-in sessions on the best ways to design the characters to get succesfull prints, presenting on the topic, being the subject of some rather interesting Blue Peter style demonstration videos and sitting on the judging panel to help decide the overall winner.

At its heart the competition aims to embrace 3D Printing technologies and showcases the creative talents from all areas of the country.

Each entry was asked to design a model that could be 3D printed, and that utilised the true potential of additive technology by including an in-build moving part. The entry had to be all one file that would result in one print, which the organizers of the 3D Print Cup would 3D print for them. It could be printed in separate pieces and assembled, however all parts of the final entry needed to be completely 3D printed. The overall winner received a brand new MakerBot Replicator, and each of the winners in the five categories earned a trophy. However, some of the winners found that their win resulted in an unexpected boost to their resume.

 3d print cup tengu san draw_code“The competition allowed us to enter the world of 3D printing, putting our design to the test, against both the other companies and the capabilities of the MakerBot machine,” said Best Team winner Michael Snowdon from Draw and Code “With aims to move into the toy market the 3D Print Cup gave us a fantastic opportunity to test the technology and with the award for ‘Best Team’ we’re confidently moving forward in that direction.”

3d printed howl kilogrammeThe overall winner – and the winner of the MakerBot 3D printer – was the character Howl from animation studio Kilogramme designers Emma Reynolds and Jonathan Salter and they had their work highlighted on the Kilogramme blog. You can read a great write up on the adorable wolfboy figures creation here.

The 3D Print Cup is held annually and is sponsored by Cartridgesave.co.uk and so we look forward to being invloved next year and seeing how the 3D print cup round 3 showcases yet more use of the 3D tech… we might even have some ideas of our own to submit!


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